November 26, 2022

This is it! After the training in Palermo, it is time for the youth workers to test the storytelling and graphic facilitation methods with local youth groups.

Since October 2022 several workshops are being set up in each partner country!

The aim of these workshops is to meet and bring together young people with fewer opportunities to help them develop skills for self-advocacy, employability and inclusion in the community they are part of.

More specifically, the workshops are organised in two cycles.

1st cycle offering 3 workshops for a focus on personal development of young people

Who am I?
Participants are guided and motivated to express their personal (and/or professional) needs and expectations through storytelling. Questions such as “who am I” and “what are my skills” are the focus of this first workshop, which gives them the basic skills of self-analysis, understanding and effective communication.

Draw your dreams
An introduction to the use of graphic facilitation and visual tools is provided, highlighting their importance as a visual learning tool to support storytelling. Graphic facilitation is used to help young people express their dreams, hopes and expectations through symbols and pictograms, learning the basics of visual learning.

Visualizing my skills
The workshop focuses on the use of graphic facilitation for employment purposes: how to map our competences by “telling” them, through the narrative approach, and by visualizing them through visual tools such as graphic facilitation. A “visual” CV is developed at the end of the workshop.

A little trip to Kenya to see what’s going on?

A look back at the workshops that took place in Kisumu, Kenya, between late November and early December 2022.

2nd cycle offering 3 workshops for the realization of several awareness-raising campaigns tackling societal issues 

Identification of problems in the community
Through open discussion and critical analysis, young people will identify the issues they consider important for their future in their community. Young people will be introduced to RMA to discover and identify these common problems together, and will be able (through applied storytelling at the community level) to tell a more conscious story about societal challenges. Through FG, they will try to transform these societal challenges of young people into drawings and images.

The storytelling, after the needs analysis during workshop 4, will allow young people to critically reflect, find and tell possible solutions to the youth community challenges. Mind-maps and brainstorms are developed to find possible answers to the challenges identified in workshop 4. Special attention is given to specific techniques to encourage critical thinking, intercultural understanding and visual communication.

Awareness-raising campaigns
The young people will organise an awareness-raising campaign at the level of each country, setting specific awareness-raising objectives and involving local communities, externalising and transmitting their thoughts and ideas, using effective communication, active listening, intercultural understanding and collaboration.

A quick trip to France to see what’s going on?

A look back at the workshops that took place near Pau, in the south-west of France between September and November 2022.