Palermo, December 9th 2022

Lined Circle
Lined Circle

On the 9th of December at CSC Danilo Dolci in Palermo the second cycle of workshop has been organized and has seen the involvement of a group of people from different highschools of the city and a group of European volunteers who are in Palermo for an exchange on different volunteering projects.

Also, three job shadowers participated (two Youth Workers from France sent by Pistes Solidaires and one Youth Worker from Kenya sent by Resource Hub for Development) plus the project coordinator and youth workers who participated in the International Training and acted as support for the implementation of the activity. The workshop started with an ice breaking activity for learning all the names which created a connection among the participants who had the chance of getting to know each other’s.

After a presentation of the project, trainers, job shadowers and youth workers through a presentation explained what an awareness campaign is and how storytelling and graphic facilitation can help in building an effective one. Participants were asked to identify local issues that are important to them and they wanted to talk about: through a brainstorming and the use of post it’s many ideas were collected and clustered in order to find the main topics and two have been chosen by voting.

Two groups were formed and each of them worked on the issue: one was to reduce the waste in the city of Palermo, especially on the streets and the other one was harassment on the streets, catcalling. The two group got the chance to put into practice the main concept of graphic facilitation and made visual campaigns who were really effective and had fun!