Creating visual CVs in Senegal

After the interesting work during the last workshop with the meeting of the jobshadowers who came to us from Italy from France and from Kenya, the young people greatly appreciated the exchanges of know-how and practice, which enabled them to have another perception of things and a much sharper vision of the world. The objective of these previous workshops was successful both on the expectations of the participants but also on the performance of the facilitators.

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This workshop has mainly an objective to forge young people on the Visual CV so that young people get rid of old methods through graphic facilitation.

The facilitators asked the young people their expectations for this type of CV before starting the course with them. Soha asked all young people to use their phones and download the "Canva" app, in 5 minutes everything was done. Then she begins to show young people how to use this application so that they can work directly with their phone.

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Course of the workshop

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She then asked the young people to list the different parts that can be found in a CV, after the young people finished listing it, she asked them to take each part and translate it through what they had learned graphic facilitation. The CANVA app allowed them to have online images and/or symbols that they could directly download online.

Finally, we asked all the young people to do personal and individual work and to send their CV by email or WhatsApp to Ibrahima's address in order to be able to evaluate them in the fastest way. All the young people were able to create a visual CV from the CANVA application under the instructions of the facilitators. In the end, we took the groups back to the beginning to ask each group to make a Visual CV and to make the restitution before preparing the last activity which will undoubtedly be a follow-up activity for the awareness campaign perhaps even an activity convenient.

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At the end of the day and the evaluations, we are happy to see that the young people have very advanced notions of the Visual CV and are able to use it in their daily lives.

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